So I was supposed to be having surgery this Friday for endometriosis.... I’ve been in constant pain for the last year and it’s affected my fertility ending up in me also being diagnosed with PCOS. My first “loss” was back in 2016 and the ER doc said it was a chemical pregnancy. WELL. Last week my coworker, she’s a medium, was saying she felt like I was gonna be leaving our work and I was like nah... I love it here. But I did tell her I was randomly thinking about what I’d do if I ever got pregnant and how maternity leave would work (I work at a bar) and she got wide eyed. She said “honey I think you are”. I didn’t believe her. I was a testaholic and tested ALL the time. Even on my period sometimes because I’ve wanted to be a mom my WHOLE life and I just couldn’t ever seem to get pregnant. A few nights ago I wasn’t feeling myself and even though I wasn’t late for my period yet I just wanted to take a test for peace of mind.... and LONG STORY SHORT I CANT HAVE SURGERY ANYMORE BECAUSE IM HAVING A BABY INSTEAD OMG.