Would it be okay to be mad at your s/o if he’s been ignoring you a lot lately and not talking to you and then you invite him over to stay the night and he says he’s now getting a cold and that it might stretch him pretty thin having to leave for work and being sick and “staying up late” he would have had to leave at 9 am he chooses to stay up when I’m with him and I just go to sleep. But yet he can get up at 7:30 in the morning and leave and go to town with his buddies. But said we could hang out Tuesday night and Wednesday evening cause he’s gonna take the day off. But of course he would invite me over so he doesn’t have to drive. smh I’m so sick of having to put in all the effort when it’s not being reciprocated. He asks me all the time if I’m excited to see him but now I’m not . I’m so over these little games and bullsh*t. I’m done doing the miles when he’s just half assing it. 😒 but how do you leave when you’ve already put in a year n half .