My body ruined my chart😂🥊

So it said I ovulated, temps were high to prove it, whatever.

Last night my crazy intuition told me to take an OPK..... I got a seriously serious blazer! So I checked my cm/Cervix....dear Gods, it was like I was a fertile 20 year old again! (I’m 29 but have difficulty now that I’m getting ‘older’🤔😒.....)

My ewcm was plentiful and perfect, and my Cervix was extremely soft, really high, and more open than I’ve felt these past 2 cycles of trying.

(Yes, I called him to com BD immediately lol)

But problem is that since I logged it, it now says my period is due today. When it’s not due until the 14th. How do I fix my chart for it to stop thinking this cycle is over?!