I love my man so much!♥️


Okay so this weekend I went away with my boyfriend and his friend. Long story short so they left a day earlier and when it was my day to fly down he kept on sending me messages that I should hurry up and get there cause he’s missing me too much...that was already cute😍 when I finally got there we went out that night and when we got back to the hotel he immediately came to my room... as you guessed we had sex but like theeee best sex!! It lasted for about an hour and halfway through as I’m busy riding him he stops me looks at me and says I honestly love you so much😱 you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and by far the most important person in my life...my heart melted right there and then and I just wanted to immediately make babies with this man😂 after that the sex just got better with my legs literally shaking as he’s busy worshipping my body while eating me out... after mind blowing sex we were laying in bed and he couldn’t stop explaining to me how much he loves me...having really deep meaning conversations and he say that pretty soon I’ll make you my wife don’t you worry 😍

I don’t think I’ve ever loved any other man the way I love this one🙏🏽 we’ve been dating for a year and 3 months and boy does this man worship the ground I walk on😍 sorry I just had to share this with you guys🙏🏽