I’ve already announced my babies arrival but after a week now I have a little free time to tell my b...

Meemee • 👧🏽1/14/10 👼🏾4/2016 🤰🏾with #2
I’ve already announced my babies arrival but after a week now I have a little free time to tell my birth story. So it all started on October 24 I went to my doctor’s appointment I was 38 weeks and 3 days. My doctor told me once again I wasn’t dialated, I wasn’t soft the baby was still high I might as well schedule a csection... me being so presistant on having a vbac I declined and decided to wait it out... so the next morning October 25 I’m getting ready for work it’s raining really hard and I stay like 30 mins away from my job and traffic was crazy I told my boss I was going to be a lil late... right after getting off the phone with him I started to feel light contractions and major pressure on my vagina and anus.. I went to work anyway thinking this will pass just as all my other aches and pains but soon as a got out the car to go into my job I realize the pressure was something serious and I couldn’t even stand up straight.. I called my doctor and spoke to her nurse and she told me to go in.. I finally get to the hospital get to l&d they check me and I’m one centimeter dialated contractions 3 mins apart but baby is still high... every two hours they check me no progress but my contractions where getting stronger. They asked if I wanted pain meds I said no because I really wanted to go as natural as possible.. so my doctor finally arrive at the hospital around 6 she ask me when was the last time I ate anything I said last night she said well we about to do your caesarean because the baby is not coming down an we don’t want him to get stuck.. at this point I’m in the hospital alone because my boyfriend went back to the house to get our bags. I’m terrified then my mom called she had just made it.. so long story short I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 7 pounds exactly eyes open alert and peed on all the nurses on his way out.. during the csection I found out that I had too much scar tissue from the previous csection which was the reason he couldn’t come down.. and she told me my uterus was so then I should have another baby for a very long time.. but I’m ok with that I have my girl whom is 8 and now my boy I’m complete what more can I ask for! I was so scared my recovery would be horrible like it was the first time but it’s no where near I’m so blessed and happy  
1 week doctor’s appointment