Hcg levels


Hi girls-

I’m having a bit of a mental break down today. On October 4 my levels were at 237 on October 17th they were at 44 and November 2 they are only at 21. The day after they were 21 ( I didn’t know at that point because it was a Friday and I had to wait until today to get the tests back) but I thought I got my period so I was so happy that my body was getting back on track. But the bleeding only lasted a couple hours , barely enough for 1 tampon. So then I thought is this implantation bleeding and I’m pregnant again? But today they called telling me my levels are only at 21 and I asked was it possible they dropped to 0 and are now going back up and my doctor said no because once they hit 0 it takes 2 weeks to ovulate again so there wouldn’t have been time since on October 17 they were at 44. This is such a mind fuc* excuse my language. Now they want me to wait three weeks before getting tested again and i just cant. Any advice or positive words would help. Anyone going through this? Thank you in advance