Holy smokes I’m in love!


So basically this girl had posted some jewelry on a Facebook site for sale. I saw her profile picture and she had on this beautiful maternity dress. So I commented and was like heyyyy do you have any maternity dresses for sale? 😂

She messaged me a bunch of different dresses she had. I met up with her this morning to try 3 of them on but she told me to just take them home and let her know. She’s going to let me BORROW this dress because she loves it too much to get rid of it. Y’all... if you have looked at this dress on the website and thought about it but $95 is way too much, think again! This dress is fabulous. Fits amazing, feels amazing, and if she wasn’t letting me borrow it, I’d definitely go spend the $95 right now to get one for myself! 😍

This is from Pink Blush. Size Large! I’m 5’7, 30 weeks, 165lbs. Could probably fit a medium also. It’s the perfect length.

Update: she’s letting me buy it 🤗