All natural water birth


Woke up on 11/2 (I was 40+6) at 2 am with mild contractions. I'm a FTM so I didn't know if it was the real deal or not so I went back to sleep the best that I could until 6 AM and I started timing them. Sure enough they were consistent at 6 mins apart! I woke up my fiancé and mom and told them it was time. We packed up and headed to the birth center (which is 2 hours away). When I got there my midwife checked me and I was 3 cm 100% effaced and that wasn't enough to stay so she told us to go get a bite to eat and walk around. We ended up getting a hotel and I labored there for a couple of hours until the pain was so intense that I couldn't handle it anymore. We headed back to the birth center.. she could tell I was in serious pain so she got me in the suite right away. Labor was progressing so slowly and I was staying at 7 cm so she offered to break my water to speed up the process. I was warned that it would make everything more intense but I didn't care at that point I just wanted my baby out and for it to be over! She wasn't lying when she said it was going to be more intense.. my throat is still hurting from screaming 😅 everything was kind of a blur at this point. I pushed for what seemed like forever (2 hours) and my sweet baby was born! Casper Timothy. 7 lbs 8 oz. 11/3/2018. 25 hours of labor.. 12 hours of INTENSE labor.. all natural! If I can do it anyone can! All of the pain was SO worth it. Can't get enough of this boy ❤️