Skipped 2 bc pills?


I accidentally missed 2 of my BC pills the first week of my pack. I got my period as expected the next few days. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex twice between the 7 day period where you’re suppose to use condoms until you’re back on track.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of creamy mucus after the “ovulation” period (I know you’re not suppose to ovulate on BC but I’m thinking about the possibility since I missed a few pills). Mild cramping, very nauseous and headaches frequently, extreme fatigue. Boobs are sore on the sides and just feel fuller than usual. Bloat is crazy and I’ve been SO THIRSTY! Yesterday was 7dpo for me and I found a light pink spot of blood in my underwear along with some cramping. Today I’m having more of the creamy discharge. What are the chances of me ACTUALLY being pregnant? And how long do I have to wait to take a test? I’m super anxious and tired of feeling like crap. I want to take a test today 😬