Birth story. Natural child birth, but not by choice!


I finally have the chance to share my birth story. My first son is 2 and was born at 36 weeks, with 2 weeks spent in the NICU. I did progesterone shots this time to try to prevent preterm labor. It definitely worked, because I went all the way to 39-3.

I had an ob appointment that morning, and had my membranes swept. I had non painful contractions all day but we're not in any sort of rhythm. Later in the evening I started to have contractions 5 minutes apart. I went in to the hospital, even though I wasn't in a ton of pain. My first son came pretty fast, so I knew this was going to happen even faster.

I got to the hospital in I was only 2 cm dilated with the head all the way up. They monitored me for 2 hours in although I was having contractions I did not progress. They checked me again in I was still 2 cm with the head all the way up. The resident told me that I was being sent home, and I should come back when the contractions got closer together. As I went to the bathroom to get dressed and it was like someone flipped a switch and made the contractions 100x worse. The resident was busy with another patient and didn't come back for 45 minutes. In that time I was pacing around the room, dry heaving and moaning. I was obviously in much more pain and she rechecked me. I was then 6 cm.

The 1st thing I asked for was an Epidural, which I had for my 1st birth, and had planned on getting. They told me I needed blood work, IV and fluids first. Within the next 20 minutes, things progressed quickly, and I was screaming in pain. At one point, I felt pressure like I had to pee, and thought that if I peed a little, it would feel better. At that point i didnt care if I peed in the bed lol. As soon as I let go, there was a big pop, and my water broke. It literally lifted the sheet off the bed, it was so forceful.

I never thought that I would be a screamer, but it was completely involuntary. I was checked again, and I was now 9 cm. Within a few minutes, I yelled that I had to push, and the baby was out in one push.

I couldn't believe how fast everything happened, and that I did it completely naturally. I am so proud to have had that birth experience, and would do it naturally again if we ever have any more babies.

Btw, the resident told me I was going to be discharged at 1230 am, and my son was born at 222 am. Everything happened so fast, they didnt even have time to break down the bed, and my doctor almost missed it. For anyone that gets told that the head isnt engaged in the birth canal, it can happen that fast, so don't worry!

Below -newborn and 3 month pictures

Born 8-3 7 lb 9 oz, 20.5 in