Overthinking or Not

So this TTW has been the worst. Because at 1 DPO my breast started to feel sore. They have remained sore and at 9 DPO they began to feel like they were letting down. On top of this the only other things that have happened are at 6 DPO I had a creamy light pink discharge that lasted an afternoon. After that 7 DPO I felt crazy nauseous and tired. Was in a meeting and just about knocked out at 9 DPO. I want to test so bad, but getting BFN when your trying hurts so very much. Today my Mother asked me if I was pregnant. I asked her what made her say that and she said your tummy looks different. I know it’s way to early to show but I do have a different type of bloating happening. Has anyone experienced these symptoms and if so how are you dealing? 😩😩