Didn’t follow docs instructions


We miscarried on 10/21. Doc said cleared for sex a week later (finished bleeding and had clear ultrasound)but don’t have unprotected sex until you get your first period. Well through this experience my husband and I experienced all kinds of emotions and became very close during that time. Especially spiritually. We had sex a week after. I’m not worried about the outcome. I’ve actually read that you are more fertile the first three months after and have a greater chance of a living birth if conception occurs. Long story short my husband didn’t plan on us getting pregnant with the baby we lost. But since he has been shown by God that we are to trust God to provide-now he WANTS to have a baby! This is big! He wasn’t even excited about our two girls when I was pregnant with them. So I never had that happy experience of sharing a positive test and mutual excitement. I’m super thankful for the change of heart. So we are actively trying. Guys... I know we just suffered a loss but God has provided so much in this trial that we can only have joy. I’m sure this doesn’t make sense and I don’t want to sound insensitive to loss because I’m not. It’s just how our faith plays into our lives knowing that our baby is with Jesus. I’m so excited to get pregnant again. I still have hcg in my system so I went and got bloods done to see where I’m at but nurse did say that I could still ovulate. I’m curious as to what the doc will say if I get pregnant before I get a period 😬. Thanks for listening! I just needed to get this out! 😌