Hello ladies, I am going to trying make the story as short as I can... my S/O and I are super close with my brother in law like hanging out ALL the time. Anyways we went like 4 weeks not seeing each other due to the fact they went camping, and out of town, and my S/O and I were busy/made plans with other friends ... anyways we hadn’t talk he stopped calling us we stopped calling him because we felt like something was wrong idk he was just being weird and Saturday night I finally asked him what his deal was? He said someone told him I was talking shit about him. I asked who he didn’t want to say .. so we got in to an argument I never messaged him back. And got in to argument with my other friends because I wanted to know who said what? My question is should I try to fix this or F*$K it because if we were so close how come you couldn’t come to me and ask me if it was true or not !?!?!