Need Advice

Hey ladies!

I put my son’s father on child support August of last year! Of course because he was not willing to give me any money for our son who is now 1 year and 7 months. Finally as of two months ago I believe they were able to track him down, they have a set amount of money that he owes. Well I have not received any money! He’s suppose to give $121 every month, he owes $610 as of right now.

I called up child support to see what was going on because on his end it was saying he was getting money deducted, I know because he constantly kept complaining to me about it. Well they told me that they aren’t seeing any money being sent and that he should speak to his employer, I told my son’s father what the man told me and he said he would speak to his employer.

His father told me that he spoke to the employer, but he’s a huge lier so I don’t know whether I should believe him. It’s been 2 weeks almost 3 and still nothing. He gets paid every Thursday.

I was wondering if I should call his job and asks if they know what’s going on or if I should continue to wait?