Skiddish cat. How to help her?

Sara • 👩‍🏫❤️👸🏼👶🏽 boy mom

So my sister got a kitten about a month ago. She was about 5-6 months when she got her. She was very skiddish and hid the first week. Now she is comfortable with my sister (she stays in her room) and my sister leaves her door open when she is gone so she can explore. However, she still won’t let me or my son come near her. She gets scared and runs away. She’ll peek her head out when my sister is gone but then runs right back in her room.

Are there any tricks to help her feel more comfortable around us? We don’t scare her on purpose and we try to let her come to us. My son is 14 months old and loves animals. So I want him to be able to play with her. It’s not like he chases her or anything. He respects her space for the most part.

Here’s a picture for cuteness reference 😊