Conceiving After Ectopic Pregnancy

My Husband & I found out we were 5 weeks pregnant September 18, 2018 with our first baby.We had just gotten married August 24, 2018 so this was just a very exciting moment for us! However we found out it was an ectopic September 28, 2018 (this was VERY hard for me to deal with, the depression was HORRIBLE) I was treated with the MTX shot (2 times) I didn’t start going thru the whole process until the beginning of it’s November & I JUST started my cycle November 11, 2018 (today)....I am VERY HAPPY ABOUT SEEING AUNT FLO FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! lol. I’m soooo ready to try again. I think I am physically & emotionally ready. I’m just a tad bit nervous of having another long was it for you ladies to conceive of you had this problem before?