One of the best days of my life!! God is good 😊 #kinda long sorry!!

Nikki • Married to the love of my life! Have a little girl and another girl due in june 2019(: Blessed by God!!

So when I was growing. Up I didn't have a good childhood my mom and step dad were drug addicts and alcoholics! I watched him beat her day after day and it was awful my brother was killed in a car wreck when I was 8 and that made my mother alot worse. We never knew where we were going to stay and most of the time we would move in a new house until rent was due and leave or we wouldn't have power and have to use candles to see. I decided at a very young age I was not gonna turn out like that! I was adopted by a family friend and her and her husband were very well off. They owned there home and had multiple vehicles and it was nice knowing we didn't have to move at the end of the month or not had power. I met my husband at 15 we got saved and got married in 2012 I was 18 we had our first baby girl in 2013 I was scared to have her around my mother bec I got my heart broken so many times!! All I wanted was a mother daughter relationship bec I never got one!! Well today November 11, 2018 my mom went to the altar and got saved! I have been waiting so long for this day. And I didn't even make it this morning I had a awful headache pregnant with baby #2! So she did it all on her own! I'm so proud of her. My step dad was murdered in 2014 and my mom remarried last year and is with a very sweet man they own there own home and vehicle and he has a full time job!

This is me and my mom this morning she came to my house after church! Sorry I look rough! "Pregnancy life" lol