Am I pregnant?? UPDATED Please help!!! (TMI) morning

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Today 11/12 I am now late for AF.... my periods last for only 4 days every cycle.... (pics of charts below)

I had sex last month on the 20th and again this month on the 3rd.... and well on the 3rd while cleaning after we did the deed we noticed pink and when I wiped there was pink, it only lasted that day for a few hrs only noticeable when wiping...but AF still wasn’t due for another 5 days....

So now here I am 3 days late...

I’m freaking out... He seems more calm than I am... no signs of AF so far.

Did I experience implantation bleeding? Has this happened to anyone before???

Ps. @4am went to bathroom I had spotting only when I wiped again and now there’s nothing there again.