Bad friends

I had a mc end of August, and I told my 'best friend' of 10 years and she didnt seem to care. Didnt ask me any questions, basically was just like ok and stopped talking to me. Same when I told her I was pregnant in the first place.

Today, over 2 months later, she reached out and asked how I was since she hadnt heard from me. I chewed her out about how she wasnt there for me blah blah blah and how I was still angry. Her response?? I was angry at YOU because you have a house and nice things and I dont have those so it makes me feel like crap. Literally was so petty. How could someone that is supposed to love you do that?? Just because youre jealous?? The way it came off was that she was almost happy I had a mc because of how much better my life is.

I lost a baby.