I know this is beautiful but it’s hard too

Emma • Married - Baby Boy #1 02.10.2019

My husband and I are so excited for our son to join us in February. I’m towards the end of my second trimester and there are amazing parts like feeling him move around in there but these last two weeks I have been just struggling. My body has gained weight, proportionately and a healthy amount that I should be gaining, but it is still hard to feel my thighs touch in places they didn’t used to, see my large legs, see my chin/neckline has gained weight, etc.... I was a back sleeper before this and am having the hardest time sleeping on my side to where I get maybe a few hours a night. I am tired of my skin breaking out. My tummy pokes out the bottom of my shirts. The daily discharge drives me nuts. I feel so far from myself.

This process is beautiful and we love our baby boy so much already. Right now I am just struggling in the process and needed to share.

Thank you if you read this far.