Is my relationship abusive?


I’ve been with the same guy for almost 3 years, I’m 19 he’s 24, we have a 16 month old together and I’m 25 weeks pregnant. My great grandma just passed away and we live with my mom, grandma, and my moms boy friend, come March everyone will be moving out of the house or moving out shortly. My fiancé just got done with a seasonal job and now we have no income. He quit the job before that he has because of teeth pain, I think it was kinda childish of him when he used to tell me it’s a mans job to provide for his family. I don’t work because I have very bad anxiety and depression so I’m a stay at home mom. I do our laundry, cooking and cleaning. We buy 90% of our own food. Then at the end of the day he will come home and say all I do is sit on my ass, when in fact I do everything around the house, take care of our son and I’m 25 weeks pregnant on top of it and very tired all the time because I’m anemic. My point is he is always putting me down, telling me to shut up and listen to him, telling me I need to use my brain and that I don’t do anything. I dont know how to get out of this relationship and how I would provide for my boys. Eaither come March I stay with him and hope he gets his shit together or I move me and my boys with my mom. Please help, I’m at loss and I’m tired of being put down everyday.