Anyone else experience this?


I'm 26 weeks and for several weeks I've been experiencing all these things, anyone else have this happen. What did your doctor say?

I love my doctor I've been seeing him for years now, but wondering if I should seek 2nd opinion.

Here's my symptoms:

Headache, migraines, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, back ache, dizziness, see flashes of lights, hands randomly swell, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, Braxton Hicks contractions, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, pelvic pain and pressure, chest pain, itchy arms and legs and feet, burping and vomiting in mouth (Tums didn't help)

I never feel good and it's taking a toll. I have 3 other kids to take care of alone as my husband is across country working

headache everyday, at least twice a week turns to migraine (I suffer from this chronically) it's worse pregnant though and nothing I do gets me any relief, stomach ache (sometimes severe pain to the point if almost going to ER) it's cramps and sometimes constant, it's usually up higher ( FYI baby us very low), which is also causing extreme pelvic pain (I can't walk sometimes, from thighs, vagina to butt, back, hips, lower abdomen (doc told me to do a pelvic tilt stretch daily to help a tiny bit (hasn't helped at all) it pops and grinds and I have a hard time getting out of bed and have to be careful not to sit or stand too long or I get stiff and can't move.

Everything hurts

Doc said I'm fine as long as BP stays normal. They've been monitoring it, it's not high but it fluctuates too much they said. Help me! I can't do this for several more months