Was I sexually harassed? (Long story)



Ok so this was like 8 years ago (I’m 18 now). It was like time for my physical cause it was a new school year and as some of you may know some schools don’t allow new students unless they get a physical or are cleared by a doctor (it was a catholic school) and I remember my mom and I were in a room and the doctor came in and he had me change into a hospital gown with only my underwear on and so I did. Then he came back in the room and asked my mom to leave because it was private and my mom did (she also had to go check on my siblings)

He had me lay on the table and he was standing in front of where my feet were and he had me put my feet flat on the table so my knees were bent and he spread my legs and touched me through my underwear and then asked me to lift my “bottom” so he could take them off and I’ll never forget his voice saying “this is normal don’t worry” and like my little younger self felt very uncomfortable and I remember wishing my mom was with me. And then he started to touch my vagina under my hospital gown and one hand was on my vagina the other my chest, he was rubbing my nipples. And now that I’m older and wiser and have experienced things, he was rubbing my clit in circles.

I also remember that was all that he did. He not once checked my back for scoliosis or my eyesight or my hearing. Nothing, just my vagina and chest. (Keep in mind- I was 8 and of course had a flat chest)

I don’t know if that was normal but I’m asking, was that sexual harassment cause til this day I feel so bad for my younger self and wish I had told my mom but he told me it was normal and not to worry. I still think about it til this day and feel gross and violated.

And I remember ever since i begged my mom not to take me back to that doctors office and was so scared of physicals.

SORRY THIS IS SO MUCH. And I don’t think he’s a doctor at that place anymore.