Back pains, shoulder pains and 4 weeks pregnancy.

Hi girls. I’ve scared myself. Need experiences. The other night (4 nights ago) I slept on the couch - the day I found out I’m pregnant. Anyways since I woke up from that my body has been aching. Specifically my shoulders and neck. But my lower back is also aching - but just like normal. Not painful. Just annoying really. But I’ve googled if it’s normal and some have said eptopic. Saturday (day before my missed period) I got a few spots of old brown blood (only when I checked my cervix) and then on my expected period day ( yesterday) I got one spot of old brown blood. I’m just wondering if the back aching and shoulders etc is normal and is hanging around cause I’m run down, tired, and hormones are running crazy. My lines are beautifully strong. I’ve had no cramps or pains. Some sharp pains here and there on both sides of my lower abdomen - but it was when I implanted I’m sure and haven’t had them since. Also my mattress was broken at the time so my back is terribly unsupported.