Advice please


This is my first time posting and first day of having the app back on my phone after I had a chemical about a week ago. I was 5 weeks and 3 days and started having increased bright red bleeding. I knew what it meant and was so upset I got rid of every <a href="">pregnancy app</a> on my phone, all shopping lists and threw out my 8 saved positive pregnancy tests. I finally got the call 30 hours after bleeding and after my blood draw and my levels were incredibly low. Now we have decided after a week of a lot of discussion and back and forth thinking that we want to try again. My OB told us he wants us to wait until I’ve had one true period to start trying again. He said my uterus needs time to heal before jumping right into trying. But I’ve read so many posts that say they got pregnant right after a chemical without having a true period. Should I follow his request and wait or should we try right away? I am so anxious to start right away, I don’t want to miss an opportunity if this month is supposed to be our month to conceive! Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!