Teacher& pregnant help- transferring


I am due in May, and hoping to take leave in August. I am miserable in my current teaching position to the point where it is effecting my health and my family. I need to transfer to a different campus, but i am afraid because I am pregnant.

I am teaching 6th grade social studies in a brand new title 1 school. The school is already failing during it's first year so teachers are getting yelled at during meetings constantly. My boss is trying to weed me out. He is giving me poor evaluations, even though my students are performing higher than any other class in the school and district.

I also have an abusive co-teacher that yells at me and is constantly thinking that everything is about her. She calls me names in front of students and tells me I am lazy when I have to sit down because of severe morning sickness. The administration protects her because she gets good scores and teaches a tested grade.

The kids are AWFUL. I never taught middle school before, but these kids are just rude. They have no problem giving teachers attitude, destroying the school, getting into fights in the hall way. I actually dislike most of them this year because they are so rude.

I want to transfer back to pre-k-2nd grade. Do you think no one will take me since I am pregnant?

I am working like a crazy person every day and night, even on the weekends. It is not worth getting bad evaluations since my district is pay for performance. I used to do good at my old campus, but they arent hiring.

Has anyone been in this situation before? Thank you for your help!