Newborn Help! Dirty/wet diapers?

Nicole • Married 12/9/17. Henley Nicole made my life complete 11/9/18 💗👶🏻

My beautiful baby was born 11/9/18 and latched great at the start of breastfeeding. She continued to breast feed consistently well while we were in the hospital through yesterday 11/11/18. She’s always fell asleep at the boob and it’s always been kind of hard to keep her awake to eat. Anyway, yesterday after we had gotten home, it seemed that I couldn’t keep her fed and happy long enough in the evening. Around 1am, after I had just fed her on both breasts, she was rooting and smacking her lips again. I thought she surely couldn’t be hungry again, so I tried a pacifier, and she didn’t want it. Nothing could soothe her. So my husband and I decided to give her an oz of formula since my breasts were empty from her JUST feeding. She ate that just fine and slept for 4 hours before I woke her up to breast feed again. I’m concerned because she’s only had 2 wet diapers since we got home yesterday at noon. It’s currently 6am. I called the OB unit we were discharged from and they said they wouldn’t be concerned unless she’s not acting like herself. The first 2 days of her life she pooped like crazy. I’m talking 3-4 dirty diapers a day with 2-3 wets. Is she decreasing in dirty diapers for a reason? My mature milk is just now coming in. Sorry it’s so long, I’m a 1st time sleep deprived & worried mommy.