Unexciting relationship/ (he hates confrontation)

Hey guys so me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years since senior year of high school. We fell deeply in love back then and now some days it feels like we’ve lost our spark. He used to send me long texts telling me how much he loved me, told me I was his one, would bring me flowers, etc. I feel like it started when he got a new job at a shipyard. He works 8.5 hour days but between waking up at the crack of dawn to get a parking space and traffic getting home, he’s pretty much going for 12 hours. It’s really hard on him and it’s exhausting work. Whenever he visits me he’s so tired. And granted I am busy with college as well. And I feel bad for complaining about this but some days I just feel like he doesn’t love me like he did back then. He gets uncomfortable when I call him my one because he says he doesn’t know what the future holds as much as he’d love to be with me. (As Christians I guess this is his way of saying you never know what God will do). He doesn’t really go very deep into conversation with me when I ask about his day. And he gets really moody sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around him because he’s sensitive to stuff. And when I confront him about things like our relationship matters or when I try to express how I feel when he accidentally hurts my feelings, he shuts down and just agrees with me and doesn’t want to say anything else. I feel like he might do this in fear of us getting in a big fight. I feel like this is inevitable in most relationships. We get busy and lose track of each other. But we’re not even married yet. We’ve talked about it before and want to wait until marriage to live together and have sex so I guess right now is just a plateau in our relationship because we’re not newly in love and we’re not planning on getting married any time soon.

I’m sorry this was really long but can anyone give me advice?? Especially any Christians out there?