Co Worker Pregnant 😏

Sorry this may be a long post.

So one of my coworkers just found out she was pregnant a couple months ago and I am so happy for her, especially because she assumed she could never have kids. Shes older so her pregnancy was more of a suprise.

My husband and I have been trying for years and still nothing.

So all she talks about is her pregnancy and relates it to every single thing. You will say oh I have to go to the bathroom and she will chime in and start talking about how much she has to be because of the baby. Now look I get it. This is the first really great thing to ever happen to her. She told me her marriage was on the rocks, she was drinking heavily before this, they have no money and struggle to pay the bills and now she has a purpose her husband is so happy. She is on cloud nine. She had to apply for welfare because she can barely afford her doctors visits right now as it is. It just upsets me because my husband and I are so financially stable and its like any time now... anyways all day everyday I hear about "the baby" and "oh im so sensitive because of the baby" ALL. DAMN. DAY.

I am so happy for her honestly but it is extremely hard when I am trying to get pregnant and cant and I listen to her talk about who she os going to borrow money from for her next visit.

Should I tell her that I am TTC and its really hard to hear her talk about her pregnancy? I know shes just really excited but its mentally driving me insane and making me really depressed. Ive kept to myself and tried to stay happy for her but ive noticed my patience has been running out. Help.