I'll introduce myself

Amber N.

My name is Amber, I'm 27 my soon to be fiance' (I say that because we have a ring but we havent made it official yet lol) were trying for 3 months and fell pregnant, I got my BFP on November 2nd. We were through the moon! Well, yesterday, 11/11 we miscarried. This is one of the hardest things I've ever been through and I'm so glad I found this group! We are able to start trying right away once I stop bleeding and we intend to. I found out in the ER after confirmation that I am infact RH negative. I got my RhoGAM shot last night, and I'm very grateful that I was able to find that out so we can take proper steps in the future. My cycles before the MC were 30/31 days long and I ovulated usually between CD13 and cd15. I pray that my cycle comes back regular again.

Anyone else RH negative and found out after a MC? I feel like it makes me so worried and I'll be extra cautious this next time around.

Pic of my super amazing man and I ❤❤❤