does this bleeding mean i’m pregnant?

i had sex twice 2 days ago. we used a condom, i’m on birth control, and he pulled out. we even checked the condom afterwards by filling it up with water to ensure it didn’t break (both times). and there were no holes. he did however cum before we had sex, so what would happen hypothetically if he got some on his fingers? he washed his hands afterwards just in case. but what if when he put the condom on he put some cum on it too? is that even possible? i’m also about 9 days out from my next period (so hypothetically if my birth control failed and i was ovulating, it would be past my fertile time). however, when i went to the bathroom a couple minutes ago i noticed i had a little bit of bleeding. i’ve heard of implantation bleeding, could it be that? or could it be bleeding from the friction of us having sex (like i may have been scratched on the inside or something). i’m also fairly new to sex. i just want to make sure this bleeding doesn’t mean i’m pregnant. any help would be great!