Is my cervix open?


I stopped doing opk testing a couple cycles ago (I was obsessing too much and it was waaay too stressful) so now I just check my cervix and cm and I'm always confused on whether my cervix is actually open or not. P.s. I check my cervix every day up until ovulation and after so I know the difference btw open and closed, the only reason I am asking now is because I think I'm ovulating early.

So this morning when I checked my cervix it is about medium height and when I stick my middle finger in my cervix the base goes up to the cuticle of my nail, I would consider that open. Its definitely soft and my cm is definitely almost ewcm if not already ewcm. I am CD 12 today and glow is predicting my fertile window starts today but ovulation is predicted on the 16th and glow is usually spot on with that. We had sex this morning and I feel like we will continue to every day this week just in case. Thanks for any advise or opinions!! πŸ˜πŸ€žπŸ™β€