Picture for attention! So my first son turns two December 30th, And my second will be here early February. I’m learning my way around communication and Discipline. Chase is a VERY head strong boy. And is a pro at ignoring any direction.

So far we have learned turning things into a game, such as cleaning up and walking out to the car, works great for encouraging him to do the task mommy needs done but it’s not so easy to turn everything into a game. And when it comes to trying to break bad habits, literally we are at a road block. I’ve tried talking to him about why we can’t do things, time outs, and for certain things (playing in the cat litter for example) I’ve even tried popping his hand or leg. NOTHING WORKS. I know he’s at that age but with another on the way, I’m so overwhelmed and am hoping to find what works by February.

My child is a huge mamas boy, he’s spoiled and I do give in often because my anxiety, which i can’t medicate during my pregnancy, spikes like crazy when I try to fight his battles. But I don’t want to raise an asshole 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I’m worried with his lack of listening we will run into issues when he’s around baby. (He isn’t mean, physically. Just hardheaded when told to stop or given direction!!) ANY ADVICE is welcome!! From helping communicate with him, discipline, introducing him to new baby, anything would be helpful.