Ummm, what?? 🥰

Sooo today I wasn’t feeling very well because I got my period so I really felt like crap. When my morning practice finished my boyfriend came to walk me home like he promised and he saw my face so I told him that I had really bad cramps because of my period. He literally put my backpack on his chest instead of his back and carried me on his back from school to my house. They are not too far from each other but it’s still like a good 10-15 minute walk. He didn’t let me walk until he put me down in my couch and brought me a blanket. He brought me my PJs and ordered pizza and brought a lot of candy and ice cream when I fell asleep. We watched Netflix for the entire afternoon and I fell asleep on him again and I woke up to him just playing with my hair. I’m sorry but am I hallucinating?? He skipped football practice just to stay with me and he’s the captain so he literally never skips anything that has to do with his team. My brain cannot process.