Worried About Everything!! Please Help!


So I had my little baby girl on Thursday. She is my beautiful rainbow baby and I love her so much. I’m a FTM.

I’m just petrified something is going to go wrong and I’m going to miss it or it’ll be too late. I’m constantly googling every mark, action, or thing that she does wondering if it’s a sign of something bad. Has she got jaundice, why is her eye bloodshot, what’s that lump on her chin, is her soft spot OK, is this pooh normal.....

I haven’t been able to sleep without her being watched by my husband in case she stops breathing. We have now bought a breathing mat but need to set it up tomorrow.

I suffer with anxiety anyway and have been getting therapy throughout my pregnancy so I know I need to pick this back up now she’s here, I just need to know is it normal to feel like this? How can I relax??