Great news!!


I have some good news for myself today! I have decided to delete this app and focus on a healthier TTC journey.

Like most parts of the internet I have found many rude remarks from frustrated people who feel safe to say rude things under the guise of internet anonmininity.

I got this app to help answer questions that I had about this great journey and to find a community if women who could share with me their knowldge and experiences. Instead I feel like I have found a few kind flowers among a field of negativity and frustration.

Ttc can be a challenge and my heart goes out to all those who are frustrated and tired. I send much love and hope that you get this great gift.

But I cannot allow myself to be subjected to others frustrations when it is harming my health. I feel like I have become obsessive about checking the message boards and my calander.

I realized I needed to delete this app when I wanted to get that BFP just so I could say "HA! See I'm not crazy!" That is no way to feel about a pregnancy!

Time for me to take a step back, breath and remember why I started this journey.

I want to expand my family. My husband and I want to embark on the amazing journey of parenthood.

I send so much baby dust, love, thoughts and prayers to all those out there who are trying for their miracle! I truly hope you get it! Xoxo šŸ’–