Saying Goodbye for awhile


So, had, yet, another Dr appt today after a scary period. Super heavy and lots and lots of TMI(clots), thought I was gonna have to go to ER, bad! Well, Dr told me it all has to do with my endometriosis, it’s prob inside my uterus now. Well, he’s referring me to a fertility Dr. :( He has done all he could as a GYN. He has also told me to stop stressing, stop planning, stop doing test, stop doing temps, etc. just let it happen, let it be. A lot easier said than done but I’m gonna try. I want nothing more than to be pregnant. With all my issues, he told me that women my age and with my severe endometriosis, he would be doing a hysterectomy but, I want kids, so not yet. So, I will be gone for awhile. Hopefully the next time will be to say I’m pregnant 🤞🤞. Baby 👶 dust to all!!