So much pain - dreading breastfeeding


My LO is 2 weeks old and have been in so much pain and agony with breastfeeding. It started with cracked nipples and bleeding and now the aerola is super sensitive and sore. I keep having to switch back to expressing for a few days. Really dreading this experience and it’s taking its toll. I have constant burning stinging pain during breastfeeding and after, can’t wear any tops..

The lactation consultant says her tongue is very thick hence it probably hurts more. Has anyone else dealt with this or have pain in the aerola where she touches it with her bottom teeth/lip? What did you do to ease the pain?

I do have some other nerve sensitivity conditions like vulvodynia and also nerve pain in my ear and always been more sensitive to touch and have a low pain tollerance.

If this persists for another 4 weeks I know I’ll give up and will do formula. really hope it improves because I want to enjoy this special moment 😢