Evil Stepmom???


So guys i really need some advice.


I've been with my husband for 8 years, he has a 10 year old son. We have a 4 year old daughter and I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant.

This is why i don't like him. At all. So he would always ignore my daughter when she'll ask him to play with her or any question. He would take her toys away JUST to make her mad. He even goes as far as saying my husband was HIS dad first. It's literally so annoying and I'm tired of him treating my daughter this way. Am i exaggerating? My husband says they're "just kids" and we are constantly fighting because of his son making my daughter feel belittled.

So.. His son started living with us as soon as his babymama noticed that I was pregnant.

We moved into this beautiful 3 bedroom modern townhome. As soon as we moved I figured he would move back with his mom so immediately I decorated the nursery in one room, decorated our daughters room, and ours. Well i was wrong because he came with us. Not only did he end up moving in the nursery, but all of my babys clothes was scattered all over the floor to make room for his clothes. He has this sort of anger towards my husbands family growing. He will act so spoiled and my husband will obey his every need. Im so tired of him and yes i am going as far as saying that i hate him. It's not just my hormones. Its a real problem.

What do I do? What CAN I do? Am i being mean? Am i the evil stepmom? Do i need jesus? H E L P.