Share your postpartum prolapse story.


I don’t know the details of mine yet, but I feel like my vagina is bulging -and burning painfully when I walk or stand long or lift something heavy or do child’s pose. The vulva and labia are super swollen and I’m already 10 weeks postpartum. I also have constipation, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence and a second degree tear in my perineum. And I’m overweight. I’m starting pelvic floor therapy at the end of the month but meanwhile will do Kegels. Honestly though I don’t know how I’m gonna get cured if I have to carry my baby and he’s like 12+ lbs. I’m afraid to ever have sex again and I feel like I’ll be damaged for life. I’m avoiding affection with my husband because i can’t stand the thought that we can’t be intimate. Anytime someone asks me about a second child I want to laugh out loud. Try never.