TMI: Blood in my poop/severe stomach pain

I don’t usually come on here to ask for health advice but I’m out of options and in a lot of pain. So basically I have blood in my poop (kind of embarrassing for me to admit) but it’s been going on for a little over a week now and I would go to a doctor but this isn’t the first time this has happened I’ve had it happen probably 3 times now the first time I didn’t tell anyone because I was so scared and that was last in 2017 then it happened again in July 2018 and she told everybody and I got really embarrassed but I got blood drawn for it and x rays and nothing ( I live in a small town and the doctor are completely shit) so I decided to drive over an hour away to a special and he told me to eat eggs and it really pissed me off because I drove over an hour and all he told me was to eat eggs and I didn’t and it didn’t help at all it just stopped on it own. Here I am again in November 2018 with blood in my poop again severe stomach pain all the time mostly right under my rib cage I didn’t wanna tell my mom because she told everybody last time but I decided to because the stomach pain has been so bad but she just kinda brushed it off and said oh really so I’m out of options I’ve told doctors and specialist and I legit can’t get any help. I’m hoping someone out there has struggled with this before and can please help me because I’m in tears while explaining this.