Can’t Have Kids.. Marriage.. Not Ready..

So for years I’ve been trying to have a little one. I’m 22.. Yes I said Years ‼️ Well anyways I’ve been trying since I was like 16 & I never succeed! Well I decided to be tested, poked at, looked at, and seen in.. After all that I found out that I have Fibroids & etc... Basically it will be hard for me to have kids. Well.. I’m writing this confession because I never told my spouse. A couple days later my spouse asked me to marry them........ & I said “No”. Why did I say no?? Well she is 29; and after finding out I can’t have kids & knowing she doesn’t want to carry or adopt.. Basically I don’t even want kids anymore but I also want to live my life at 22 not settle down & be a stay at home wife, because she doesn’t want me to work. I figured having a kid would help me with staying home and etc. but I don’t want to stay at home with NOTHING TO DO. Yes she handles the bills, and etc.. She gives me an allowance (Who has a freaking allowance at 22????) okay it’s not all that it’s caked out to be. Also I miss being single and going out, and everything. I thought I was mature enough but I’m actually not. I honestly just want to go back to being single and not thinking about marriage, kids, or buying a house. I know this is part of “Growing Up” but I don’t even want to.