BFP today! What I did differently this cycle


We've been TTC Baby #1 since we got married in May. Today I got my BFP!

Here are some things I did or didn't do since May, and what I did differently this cycle. I'm also posting pictures of the tests here so you can see that one is much clearer than the other, and I'm posting my calendar so you can see my schedule of what worked this time! Hopefully this helps some of you ladies out!

What I did or didn't do since May:

-- Did exercise a bit more. I don't exercise often. Maybe once a week I'll jog for 10 or so minutes, go on a long walk, do yoga, take a dance class, do a barre class, do kettle bells in the living room. So I tried to do something active 1-2 times a week.

-- Did start taking prenatal vitamins. I switched between VitaFusion Prenatal multivitamin and NatureMade Prenanatal Multi + DHA.

-- Didn't eat as much garbage as usual. Sure, I had fries with my sandwiches once in a while, but I made sure to get plenty of veggies to fill me up instead of total crap, ha! I also ate lots of salmon.

-- Did track my ovulation/AF using Glow. It predicted my period correctly every month except for August when I was 8 days late. I think my body was out of whack because I was so preoccupied with getting pregnant.

-- Did use Clinical Guard OPK strips from Amazon. The only time of day where I'd ever see a blazing positive was 11am or noon. I never got a positive at other times of the day.

-- Did NOT track my symptoms. Once in July, I was convinced that I was pregnant because my nipples were super sore, and I was totally heartbroken when I obviously wasn’t pregnant after convincing myself I was of that based on one symptom. I never tracked symptoms or moods. Even now that I know I am pregnant, I still don’t feel any real symptoms and my calculator puts me between 4-5 weeks pregnant.

-- Didn’t drink caffeine and alcohol. I used to have a coffee every day, and a few drinks on the weekends while out with friends or wine at Sunday dinner with family.

What I did differently this cycle:

-- Enjoyed some wine and beer once in a while! Stopping cold turkey didn't help me the last 5 months, so if I wanted a wine at dinner, I had one, and if I wanted a beer while out with friends, I had one.

-- Stopped reading the TTC message board on Glow!!! I love the community here and still got some good make up tips and helped a sister out in the relationship forums, but I tried my best to not log into the TTC boards every day and stress or obsess over it. I focused more on the fun stuff here like DIY crafts, kinky sex ideas, etc. 😜

-- I SWITCHED PRENATALS! Someone on Glow (I wish I could thank her!) mentioned prenatals called Conception. I ordered them on Amazon and started them the day after my period ended in October. They smell disgusting. Like, literally smells like cat piss. I gagged basically every time I had to swallow them, but I was trooper because I kept thinking of all the other uncomfortable moments I'll have with a baby, so it was worth it, ha!

-- I used to test daily within the few days before my missed period. This time, I only tested twice. Once at 9 DPO and got a BFN. It wasn't until 2 days after my missed period that I tested again to get two BFPs!

Now off to the fun stuff! Can't wait to tell my hubby tonight!!! He has NO CLUE especially after my meltdown last week after getting a BFN at 8 DPO. Today I woke up and tested, and was shaking in the shower I was so excited. I leave before him for work. I kissed him and left like normal at 6:30am. All day I’ve been Googling cute ways to tell him and our families! Now I’m back home just dying for him to come home at dinner time!