I can’t believe I didn’t ovulate?!

Jill • baby boy 💙 due 09/2019!

I’ve been tracking BBTs and OPKs for a few months now and all appears normal. This cycle looked just like any other, and I was also getting blood work and ultrasound as well.

My ultrasound on CD16 showed an 18mm mature follicle. My obgyn said to BD like crazy because I was going to ovulate in 12-36 hours. +OPK on CD 17 and 18. Temp shift up after CD 17.

I had pretty significant ovulation symptoms (cramps and moderate spotting) CD 16-19.

Then on CD20 I had blood work and my progesterone was super low at 1.1. Which means I didn’t ovulate?! Seriously?? I’m crushed.

Has this happened to anyone? Mature follicles, clear ovulation symptoms, +OPK and BBT and then NO ovulation?! 😩