The Condom BROKE!

I genuinely am looking for advice, please don’t shame a girl.

My SO and I were having sex this afternoon, and everything was going just fine until I looked down, (right after we had changed positions) and we both realized the condom had broken. We immediately stopped and I ran to the restroom and peed.

He was positive that it had just broke, and that it did so on the last stroke, he also said that he had checked each time before and it was still intact.

I am not on birth control, condoms are our contraception of choice. (maybe not anymore!)

I checked my cycle, and it says I’m PMSING, so there should be no egg to fertilize but I want to be safe.

What advice do you have?

Should I buy plan B?

Am I overreacting?


No, he didn’t cum, and wasn’t inside of me but 1-2 strokes without a condom