I’m clingy

So my bf and I have been a relationship for 4 years and we’ve had problems and resolved them but sometimes I feel like I’m clingy and I’ve told him and he said it doesn’t bother him but I don’t want it to become a problem and I’d like to become less clingy for myself as well.

I know this is dumb and some people may say just do it but it’s harder than that for me.

Any advice?

Update: It’s more for myself I’m so dependent on him because he’s been there for four years and sometimes I feel like I’m being annoying. He says I’m not but i still want to be less clingy and more independent.

Update 2:

Maybe it is separation anxiety! I have really bad anxiety in general and as soon as I see him I feel a huge relief like a breathe of fresh air he says the same. And I feel like this when I’m busy I see him almost everyday except for Tuesday-Thursday when I’m in another city about an hour an a half away. I’m a commuter but I always feel like this during the 3 days.

I use to be worse. When I lived in the other city I was always alone and he’d come to visit and everytime he left I’d break down into tears and idk why I guess I was being left alone and he was, I honestly don’t know.

My doctor tried to prescribe me Xanax before but I declined.... should I have taken it?