Why are people like this?


Ok, so I just want to tell a little story about something that angers me. I have this friend and she’s married to a horrible guy that cheats on her a lot. It’s mostly just sexting other women but he has also physically cheated a few times. It has even gone to the extent of him soliciting their female mutual friend for naked pictures in exchange for money. As if this wasn’t enough to anger me, his reasoning for doing it is even more angering. His excuse is that he isn’t physically attracted to her anymore. He that he specifically doesn’t like her stomach. Now this girl is not big by any means, she is averaged sized. I haven’t seen her stomach without a shirt on but from what I can tell, she does have a bit of a pudge but honestly, what mom doesn’t, and it isn’t as if it’s disproportionately larger than the rest of her body. He shouldn’t mind it that much considering the whole reason she has a stomach is because she carried and gave birth to HIS child. When he first gave her this excuse she responded by reminding him that she is smaller now than she was when they first met and started dating because she actually managed to lose weight during her pregnancy. You know what this asshole’s response was? He said that after being in the army his idea of what a woman should look like had changed. He says that now he all of a sudden thinks that all women should be fit and toned. I just think it’s so ridiculous because this mfer is absolutely THE most ugly guy I have ever seen in my life. He has muscles I guess but he is super duper skinny and his face is all gaunt and sunken in like some crackhead. Whenever I see pictures of them together I get so mad because she’s gorgeous and could absolutely get someone 10x better looking than he is and who will treat her 100x better. It makes me so sad because she’s only 19 and he’s 20 so she has the rest of her life to spend with this piece of shit. I’m not one to criticize people who marry young because I myself was only 20 when I got married but this dude’s idea of what love should be is so immature and he has no business being married to someone. Sorry, I just needed to rant. This whole situation makes me so upset for her.