‼️troubles in bed, PLEASE HELP ‼️

Ok so just some background info: I’m a freshman in college and recently I’ve met this guy. He’s in a lot of my classes and we’ve been talking and just getting to know each other. We’ve hung out numerous of times and I really like spending time with him.

Alright, now I’ve been to his room a number of times and things never really went that far. So there’d be kissing, some cuddling, and a little bit of rubbing up on each other lol. However, last week I went over there and he went down on me and fingered me. In the process he broke my hymen (yes I am a virgin but I’m ready to no longer be one). So once I’m feeling “loosened up” I told him to put his dick inside of me. (Not sure how to word that non explicitly lol) and he was hesitant and just kinda looked at me. So I repeated myself, thinking I was just being too quiet and he just shook his head no. Then I started to think maybe it’s like a kink thing and he wanted me to beg or something idk so I said it one more time and he replied with “I can’t, I’m not hard.” When he said that I was definitely a little confused because prior to him going down on me I was rubbing his dick and it was hard as a rock. He started apologizing profusely and explaining that he was nervous but I didn’t wanna make it a big deal and damage his ego so I shrugged it off and proceeded to kiss him in hopes he’d get hard again. Eventually he did but at that point I wasn’t really into it anymore so I just went home.

Fast forward to yesterday. I’m back over there and we’re kissing and I’m on top of him. I literally can feel this dick throbbing so I’m excited. He flips me so now he’s on top of me, and his hands start to travel towards my pants and they come off. We keep kissing and he moves down to my neck, then my boobs, then my stomach and I stop him and tell him I wanted to return the favor. So I push him unto the bed and slide my hands down his torso, I take off his boxers just to be met by a flaccid dick... wtf. So I’m playing it off ya know I’m rubbing it, (literally for 10 seconds) and I look up at him and he’s turning red. He was clearly embarrassed and again he started apologizing and saying he doesn’t want me to think I’m doing anything wrong or that he’s not into me so I treat the situation delicately, I pull his boxers back up, sit up run my fingers through his hair tell him not to sweat it and kissed him. We cuddled for a while, and it was getting late so I started gathering all my stuff up. But i wanted to get the most out of the night so while I’m still sitting on his bed I called him over kissed him and laid back onto the bed. And just with that he was hard again.

I know that was a lot to get through I’m sorry. Basically does anyone have an explanation as to what’s going on? What can I do? Could it be that he’s not attracted to me?