I feel I don’t even know him anymore


I’m so sorry for the vent, but I’m in dire need of advice right now. My fiancé and I have been together going on almost 2.5 years and have known each other almost a total of 5 all together. My period was late this month (last saw him midOctober due to a long distance relationship). I mentioned it to him and so naturally I took a test. Prior to me taking the test, we were talking contingency plans and he brought up abortion. I have PCOS so even through it wouldn’t have been expected, it would have been a joy to me. The test came back negative and I received my period yesterday evening. He has barely talked to me since he brought up an abortion and it keeps eating away at me. I feel like I barely know this man now and could use some advice. Anytime I try to talk or call him he has an excuse or doesn’t answer and has been ghosting me constantly and I’m just so conflicted because last I saw him her gave me a speech about how ready he was for children and now this. Not really sure if I have the right to feel some sort of way or not. Thank you in advance ❤️