Should I worry about toxoplasmosis?

Hi there! For the last 3 days I've experiencing headaches. It started on 13th of November, I didn't sleep well and had 2 cups of coffee that morning. After the coffee my head started to hurt, I don't make strong coffee, for each cup I use a small teaspoon of coffee and 1/3 is milk. I thought that my blood pressure was up but nope, bp is normal, even a bit low. The night came and I still was with awfull headache, took 2 paracetamols and went to sleep. Woke up at 4 in the morning, hot, awful headache, took again 2 paracetamols and went to sleep for few hours. I have a 8 months old so I barely slept till 6.30 am. When I went to drink cup of coffee I found out I have temperature of 37.6. Nothing about that. Drank lots of teas and went easy on, at around noon temperature was 38.1 but still only teas and trying to lay down as much as possible. Still awful headache in the afternonn around 4pm temperature has gone now down to 37.4 but not lower than that. Took 2 paracetamols because the pain was awful. Before sleep again 2 paracetamols at 10pm because of the headache. Temperature still 37.4. Today in the morning called my doc and made an appoitment, temperature still 37.4, headache, very sensitive towards lights and sounds. Started to read in forum that it might be toxoplasmosis. The signs are almoust as of it. I'm 23 weeks pregnant, 3 weeks ago we picked up a stray kitten and shelter him now. I clean the box every day, usually with gloves but there were times when I didn't had those by hand. I have swollen glands on the right side of my neck and it is unusual for the temperature not going off even with paracetamol. The doc appoitment is only on 23rd november.. and now I am scared.. 😭